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    I was viewing the propaganda box this morning and noticed them showing the local
    temperature range from 10 to 13 degrees, over a 100-mile radius; the wind-chill
    factor warning for the children catching the school bus was...meaninglessly lower
    into the single digits. How is it that Canadians don't get mentioned in the Deep
    Freeze of destruction and doom (Winter?)? Maybe their Students and Scholars
    (AKA Children) only go to Summer School. I went outside to check a thermometer
    and it showed 22 degrees. I thought it was broken, so I went to check another one
    about 30 feet away. It also read 22 degrees. Dammit, I gotta go buy another
    Television, because thermometers and TV never lie.

    Have you seen the UFO/UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) video that was
    officially released into the mainstream media back in December? That is your tax
    dollars at work; no, I'm not talking about the  terrible footage, but the
    ridiculousness of how UFO now has a sighting in political correctness. Speaking of
    terrible footage, I have seen better photos of Bigfoot scratching his butt; no, they
    weren't selfies. If military equipment is of that poor quality, it is no wonder why the
    terror wars have been going on for more than 16 years. They can afford $100
    hammers and $500 toilet seats (Well, comfort in the latrine is of paramount
    importance, because nobody like to take a crap out in the field, but I would sell
    them a better hammer for $99.) in their budget, but not a $80 digital camera? I have
    seen better photos from the Civil War era. It also doesn't give us much credence
    about the Moon landing either, unless NASSA had a lot more money back in the
    day to buy film.

    All of this reminds me of more new episodes of the X-Files have been produced for
    showing this year, so it looks like they might be able compete with the longevity of
    I Love Lucy now. She died in 1989, and is still making more money than most.
    How does that make you feel about showing up for work tomorrow?

    With distortion,

    Vore Texx

    “We have to spend money to buy time.” - - R. Machismo
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Jan. 3, 2018
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    Mr. R. Machismo, “ I'll take, 'It Sounds Like Truth' for a thousand, Alex.”

    “The Answer is:  A paced Clock, Clock, Clock, Clock ….”, says the host.

    Mr. R. Machismo questions, “What is a horse walking down a cobblestone road in
    a film noir mystery?  I mean, who is anybody wearing too much make-up?”

    Alex reacts, “That's correct!  It is like recognizing facial hair and outdated
    sunglasses on a Corvette driver.  You have taken the lead; pick again.”

    “I'll take, 'Time for Truth' for six hundred.”, says Mr. R. Machismo.

    Alex states, “The answer is:  carte blanche.”

    “What is left for only the Star-Bellied Sneetches, as all other groups are not
    tolerated or  allowed to think for themselves, including Pagans, water-sport athletes,
    drinkers, and you.”

    “I hate Kale, but I don't have the right to take my chubby fingers and pluck it out of
    the salad on your plate.”  - -  Mr. R. Machismo

    From the land of the Zax,

    Guy Huggs

    P.S.  Was Russia, Russia, Russia, ... freedom of speech/press, mind controlling
    propaganda, fabricated, hate, or truth?  The lack of evidence was “monumental”,
    and should not be forgotten.  Hopefully, that history will not repeat itself.  It is
    amazing how the story disappeared one day, like deleted emails on a private server;
    General-ly speaking.

Abolish Sunbathing Humor from Machismo's Creed book By Mark Sanders
                                                     The New Wonder Woman

    Hometown Heroine?

    Headline: Trespasser Breaks into Douglas Residence, Uses Bathroom, Leaves.

    I don't know what bathroom leaves are (Potpourri maybe?), but is that a crime? A
    break-in turd burglar, or a necessary emergency cancer screening sample? For my
    test, I mailed in the whole bowl. Was her name Hillarry? She's leading in the polls
    now! At Least the trespasser didn't get accused of collusion, yet.

    I have always loved to hear or tell a good poop story, but this one deserves a
    trophy, and is right up my alley; pardon the puns. No guy that I know, can top this
    show. She has won that contest for All-Time; hands down; pardon the pun again.
    With a story like that, one could rule the Klingon that's
    empowerment! She needs to head out onto the daytime talk-show circuit.

    "Will you marry...."

    With the rest of the story,

    Paul Harvey

Thank You
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