You Must Workout

    A fitness center finally opened nearby.  Now I can workout, or sit in
    the steam room looking like a chubby cherub sportin' a fig leaf.  I
    will bring back into style, the mesh half-shirt and maybe silk-screen
    print some squeezing hands on the back of my shorts.  I have seen
    some 50+ aged women with words like "Juicy" written across theirs.  
    I wouldn't mind being 20 either, but come on!

    The Music of Choice seems to not inspire me much,  I don't want to
    hear about the "mile-high" club in the lyrics, because I find it hard
    enough to save my membership down at Sea-Level.  How
    inspirational is that?  I guess I will start listening to the themes from
    boxing movies, as I approach 50, with “Stiffy” written across my butt.

    In a cheeky style,

    Jim Nasium
Sample of Chapter 15)  Riled and Styled
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