Sample of Chapter  5)  Key West
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                                          Converting to Marksism

    I was driving down the highway, with cool wind in my hair; I see
    breasts a flappin', and yes, they were bare.  The Thursday morning
    commute to Key West was a little surprising for my big red
    (Truck), and a 4-door truck pulls along side with some women
    exposing their Cargo!  These people were definitely starting to
    enjoy their vacation a little early in the morning; then again, seeing
    bare-breasted ladies in The Keys (Which reminds me that Spring
    Break is near!), is like seeing a minivan in a fast food drive-thru.

    So in light of the new "Season", I have decided to open an
    Oceanside business called Dr. D's (or Double Dees) Convertible
    Auto Sales and Swimwear Emporium (C.A.S.S.E.)  Our mottos
    are:  "You're in The Keys, so relax, and take your top down.  We
    won't sell you undercoating, as it is too hot, and we don't wear any.  
    We service to whom we sell!"

    Our auto spokesmodel is Mid-life Marco in his maroon muscle
    car.  He is managing our sports car Alternative-Fuel division as
    well, featuring the futuristic Poontang.  This baby runs on Money,
    testosterone, and chest hair!  With 350 Whorespower, it is

    To highlight our swimwear collection for the ladies, we have the
    Bilabial Diph-Thong, called the Poseur; it whispers the "Oh!" in
    camel toe.  It was designed by a Cunning Linguist from France (He
    looks like one of those hairy Frogmen on the Calypso), and is
    smaller than an eye patch, yet street legal, along with our cars.  As
    for the men, we sell the ME-kini, which gives them that "No-Sand-
    in-My-Face Attitude".  Custom fit, flexible, breathable, and as
    stylish as any "Euro Dude" on vacation in America.  Unlike edible
    underwear, these can take the pounding...of the waves!

    Wet t-shirts go on sale during the month of March, for all those
    Coeds “Getting and Letting” it away from it all!  That's right we sell
    chilled WET t-shirts for women.  It's Spring Break, so let's "get to
    the Point!"  Bottoms Up!

    With a wet and wild welcome,

    D.D. Casse
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