Abreast of the Situation

    Are humans the only mammals that drink milk from birth, until way beyond the development of a mouthful of
    teeth?  What dairy farmer genius lobbied for that?  Maybe they thought breastfeeding an adolescent was a
    little odd?  Unfortunately too many Americans are drinking Kool Aid.  I am just sayin'  that Kin Jung-un is
    pissed, because American-media propaganda is more effective than his.

    Speaking of haircuts, I never found T. Rump toupee'-ish jokes funny.  Hey, maybe if  he also sported a waxed
    handlebar mustache...then, let it rip.  Other than that, very weak; it is along the same line as pantsuit jokes.  
    They were not funny either, because I have never seen Melania wear one.  Does she speak Russian?  Look
    at the bright side; there will be an immigrant female residing in the White House.  It seems to me that she
    has achieved the American Dream.  I have never even been invited to be there, been near there, or been
    married to a rich man.

    With lactose intolerance,

    C. Kerofspin  (Mig Pilot)
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                                                     We Need More Cowbell

    In all the time that has passed, since T. Rump announced his candidacy (Set aside the Faux/Rush Limbo
    types of media that only jumped on the T. Rump Train after the primaries.), I have yet to hear the standard
    American news networks say one kind word regarding, the now, President of the United States.  With the
    best effort in political correctness, my “anonymous” news source will break this trend by formally announcing,
    “Nice Sass!”  

    That's right people; he has a nice sass about him.  If I ever hear the sound of those words again, I am turning
    my head around, as they are not just a cat-call for the ladies anymore.  You're damn right I would take it as a
    compliment.  Hell, I turn around, even when I say it.  Try it now; it is fun.  Anyone can do it, and it may even
    bring people together.  I am just sayin' that it took 8 years and 1 day to get the promised transparency; now
    maybe this is an unbiased kick-start for journalists to help us get across-the-aisle.

    While contemplating on the Oval Office,

    I. Forgothefan

  “If you can't say something nice, sass something funny.”  - -  Mr. R. Machismo
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                                                                    Keeping It Real                                                   

    I don't see the controversy.  I thought of it like reading the wrong card at The Oscars.  That's right; ratings.
    They say that sex sells; I just assumed that this billboard was a subtle way of advertising for a porno, or
    maybe just new bathroom door signage.  It couldn't be about free people thinking for themselves.  Now, the
    world is watching what goes up on that billboard next...genius!

    In certain instances, unreal women provide what real men appreciate.  Some guys value the fictitious
    woman; I mean fake women.  I mean...pffsssss; I gotta go.

    With associated press,

    D. Flated

    (The attachment below is a likeness of the North Carolina billboard.)
                   "And the Oscar Goes To, Victor's Secret!"

    “A Day Without a Woman”.  Haysoos (Jesus), my patch kit hasn't arrived yet, and I am protesting that!  It is
    just another billboard advertisement for porn, men's gay porn.  I find it hard to believe that lingerie modeling
    was shut down for the day, but, oh well.  The magazine will just arrive tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, I am thinking about the one poor Russian Muslim trying to cross the United States Border....That
    is never gonna happen, as they were dealt the most politically-incorrect hand on the planet; apparently it is
    the only thing holding this country together.

    That's a wrap,

    Nord Strom   (PC Films)
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