Eating Eden

    The potato has been around a lot longer than racism, and that is why
    I find Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head have the most biased attitude of all.  
    Red, yellow, blue, and white are natural color varieties of potatoes
    too, yet all purposely left out of budding to live in the world of toys.  
    Once again, where is the civil rights “leadership” of Sharp Alton

    Kale is not a toy, but probably the most famous vegetable, since
    Sunny von Bulow.  It is now advertised as on the menu at
    Chick-Fil-A.  I am surprised that it is not served in theaters accenting
    Star WAS-Wars (The same movie, as the 1977 version.) profits.  
    You get a free kale sample when you buy an “Education Lottery”
    Powerball ticket now, which has skyrocketed into a new Dr. Evil
    record jackpot of over “1 Billion Dollars”.  I am just sayin', if you
    want to sell something, even sex, wrap it up in kale.  I am thinking of
    changing my name to Kale Hasbro Jenner, to cover the science of
    marketing the whole P.C. Movement and beyond, in one breath.

    In feeding your thoughts,

    P. C. Barnum

    “That's not a fig leaf; it's kale.”  -  -  R. Machismo
Kale Is Better than a Fig Leaf in Hell Civil Rights
Politically correct Story Written by Mark Sanders Best book 2016 Funniest