Go Hug Yourself!

    I can't believe that a girl got suspended or detention from school for
    hugging a friend.  What is this country coming to?  I don't recall
    hugging my best friend, when we arrived at school after Christmas
    wearing our new Pittsburgh Steelers jackets.  I also don't recall
    hugging my parents after giving me that Pittsburgh Steelers snow
    shovel either.  Now that I am an old child, the tables have turned. I
    think schools should be worrying about other things, rather than

    Nowadays, when I greet or depart from a friend we have big
    handshake and HUG!  I don't recall my Dad hugging his pals after
    meeting, as that would have been considered Homo-ish back then.  
    That was back in the day when children addressed adults as Mr. and
    Mrs., had chores and shoveled snow.

    None of my friends’ kids call me Mr. Sanders.  I don't care, as I am
    not trying to demand respect.  I am just going to say that most of
    their kids don't even call me Mark (Okay, most people don't.).  It
    seems that times have changed.  So, in the spirit of "The Season", I
    am sending out a big "Old Spice" Guy Hugs to ALL my friends!  
    (XXXXXXXXO)  Okay, there is a Kiss in there for the Ladies!

    In due course,

    Mr. Sanders
Thr Joke of School Indoctrination by Mark Sanders Author Photographer
No Hugging or Smoking allowed in School by Mark Sanders Author and short STory Writer