Groom Me

    Politicians and Government Offices/Agencies keep claiming that there are
    millions of these types of females out there, and yet, I can't seem to meet
    one.  Nooooo, I am not looking for some crazy woman via an online dating
    website; I am looking for just one crazy woman that actually makes 75% of
    what her male counterpart makes.  She must be hiding with the others behind
    the Global Warming myth, that cooled right into the 4.5 billion year Climate
    Change fact, which many now claim is 100% Man-made.  How in the hell am I
    supposed to find her now?

    “Will you marry me?”, I propose to her, if she can hear me.

    Yes, I want to marry her, so we can sue the government or business for the
    missing 25%, and beyond, into the other things that women in the workplace
    can conjure up against The Man.  This way, I will never have to work again,
    and I will be the only White civil rights leader on the planet.  If she doesn't
    find me, it is her loss, and she can keep her 75%.

    By the way, a female Bartender/Waitress makes a lot more than her male
    counterpart.  Every guy knows this.  (“Stop Staring at My Tips.”)  Exactly!  
    Trump that, Hillary.

    With a heart of Goaled,

    That Lady's Man

    “I have been struggling for the 'gender gap' since puberty.”  -  -  R. Machismo
Marry Me, for Equal Pay Wage, Equal Rights
Gender Gap for Hillary Trump Sanders Pay Politics Hilarious Marriage book by Mark Sanders
Sample of Chapter 19)  Smolitics