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I was born in Alaska, and lived there for
37 years; it was like being a postal
worker...neither rain,  nor sleet, nor
snow.... In other words, one has to
become accustomed to elements that
vary from most people's experiences in
enjoying a different lifestyle, where
many life-long friendships form.  Alaska
is a vast and beautiful place with more
freedoms than most states.  I am just
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Key West
Alaska  by Anna Sanders
"All in all, when reaching for the stars, you gotta get your damn hands in the air."  - -  Mr. R. Machismo
saying that Pot has been legal there, off and on, for decades.  I love the outdoor recreational opportunities
that Alaska offers, but as I get older, seeing and feeling the heat of the Sun is damn near my religion.  When I
gave up residency in Alaska, the traveling inspired me to write more;
Machismo's Creed was born.
It is all about perspective
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