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August 2016
I am not a Time
Traveler yet
coming soon.  
Thanks for the
effort, as it is
appreciated.  :)
Machismo's Creed
A Best Seller, in my
mind...someday, when I
find a publisher.  This
Blog is a start of my
Humor- Writing exposure.
I hope it is very funny, as
you read the stories from
travelling  Alaska to
Florida, and beyond.  
Thank you for viewing this

From the love of laughter,

Mark Sanders
An Ocean of August Best Humor Blog by Author Mark Sanders Machismo's Creed
Jellyfish Alert Funny Blog from Mark Sanders Author of Book Machismos Creed
Machismos Creed Blog August 2016
entire adult life.  I am not able to join, as I don't find too many dates on
mountains, when I am sweating and breathing hard during the hike at the
5,279 feet threshold.  Maybe now they are
just noticing my manstral cramps of male
menopause, and are turned off by the way
I look and feel.  I can take the hint to keep
out of the penthouse, and start sweeping
the ground floor for some true perspective.

While always looking up,

N. Liven
A Dating Profile Warning
Getting Away From It All
The Writer of Humor and His Lover's Getaway Cabin
I am hoping that this will provoke a lot
of Deep thought and laughter, and be
the funniest stuff on the internet, as
my blog progresses into 2016.  I will
strive to be a top 10 best blog writer,
but maybe just a funny guy for all
seasons, in order to publish the book,
and selling to many readers.  A
comedian, is for the laughs.  Mr. R.
Machismo thanks you!
All Stories are Fictional, are In My Opinion, and Copyrighted
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Out of My League?
"I am America," he once declared. "I am the part you won't recognize.
But get used to me – black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours; my
religion, not yours; my goals, my own.  Get used to me."

Who said that?  No, it wasn't the person holding onto a last term, or the
“presumptive” Republican nominee; it was Ali!

According to the North-korean Broadcasting Company this morning, it
has been reported that Muhammad Ali's body will be tossed into the Sea,
next to O'Binladen's... per religious practice.  Isn't it ironic that the lady
from the Whitest House, said it was built by slaves?  Trumped-up
university students will develop a plan for a new one to be built, to
create jobs and lower the unemployment rate even farther than the 4.7%  
that it is today.  Hillary is leading in the polls.  Zika!

Bernie is camouflaged near the media's Waldo.


Miss Lee Dae Yu
Does Size Really Matter Mark Sanders
Translate the Weather?
News and Media with sexism from history
Photos by Mark Sanders, Author of Machismo's Creed
Map and Weather of Life by Mr Machismo by Mark Sanders
By not allowing most of the Russian athletes, especially the women's
gymnastics team, to participate in the Olympics, the world's stage has
become a sausage party.  I have been in that situation many times and
taken home the gold-colored Latex award more than Phelps would ever
know; we are all winners!

Why keep a country full of great athletes anymore, when many
politicians claim that you have the best hackers in the world?  I also put
a piece of black tape over my computer camera, so the Russkies can't
watch me train for the big event.  Meanwhile, our elementary students
and scholars (Not called Boys and Girls anymore.) need to have local
media place public service announcements, asking for school supplies to
be donated.

Feel the burn,

Sir Racha
No more War
(War, no more, please.)
At least all American Children (Adults too?) now know that the way to
National vote doesn't matter.  Is that the Real-World Education for
which this country is striving to achieve?  It has become a Planet of the
Apes movie scene around the coverage of the convention halls, from
the look of the remains of the Statue of Liberty.  The result has put me
America, will be a media show with similarities to that of a Klingon
High-Council dishonor Trial.
Good riggings to you,

Mr. Sanders (Sen.)
Vote for Sanders humor
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Funny Dating Profile Photo Political Change of Corruption in American politics
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