The Birthers Are Out of Control

    That woman's argument about the government providing the birth
    control pill is about as valid as women being upset with you for
    getting caught looking at their publicly-exposed cleavage!  I
    wouldn't get upset if women liked looking at my proud Fur-Rarri
    that I was showing off.  (It is the same thing.)  I don't own a sports
    car or a sports bra, and I don't show my cleavage.  I just close my
    eyes in public now, because I don't want to get caught catching a
    glimpse of the cleavage that is humanity!  

    I also don't want the government to buy me birth control pills.  
    Besides, I heard she was a lesbian, not a slut; I don't care either
    way.  So what is her point, other than lobbying for some drug
    company to sell the pill to the Government, while there are much
    cheaper or free sources of birth control available?  Why she can't
    take care of herself, is beyond my comprehension, along with, why
    she doesn't return my calls, as I gave her my phone # for free.

    By the way, last year my birth control expenses were $0.00 and the
    government didn't pay for any of that. So what makes her so
    special?  I will draw her a diagram of a diaphragm that she can
    afford, because it is a lot less expensive than The Pill.  I will buy
    her a plunger if need be, so she can block any orifice she wants.   
    She can always use a chubby Mr. Mark S. blow-up Doll that is hung
    like a horse, a sea horse.  It comes with Greek-Features, a Trojan
    warrior/soldier outfit, and a birth certificate authenticated by the
    government that is free, with purchase.  Maybe Congress and the
    Media need to hear from me, because I guess that asking Congress
    for help in my situation, is the politically correct thing to do.  They
    won't even have to raise the debt ceiling, just the roof.  Rarr!

    She probably wants the women's bathroom symbol changed to a
    woman wearing a jacket and pants, while holding a case of B.C.
    Pills and stepping on a bra.  I think she is the one that changed the
    learning-the-alphabet letter program, by changing "J" to be
    pronounced JAGWIRE, and  "X"  from X-Ray to BOX!  (I am
    surprised it isn't BOTOX or SEX!)   I am sure Xylophone is out of
    the question these days, while Vase is pronounced Vaaaaz... and "P"
    is probably for APPLE, while "A" is for Alligator now.

    Remember the News Headline about Japanese Men, mostly the
    younger age group, that are not interested in pursuing dating or
    sexual relationships with women, because it was too much of a
    hassle?  I pioneered this trend.  Now they stole my thunder and have
    once again, awakened a sleeping giant!

    In taking it to term,

    Marakio Bamamoto                       Born:   Hawaii 1961.
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