Mmm, the Prince William Sound

    There is a rumor going around that Princess Kate is pregnant.  There
    is another rumor going around that I didn't do it.  Well, they both
    seem to be true.  And, if a rumor is true, then it can't be called a
    rumor.  Does that mean I have to go back an re-write those two first

    Why do they also call her Duchess?  Isn't she just a Lady?  You
    would think that the media would call her Catherine, but being as
    she looks like an American Woman, they call her Kate.
    Well we have our own Princess/Duchess/Lady (No, not Hillary.),
    and her name is M. Osmond (She has had that same last name since
    I was a child, so I guess she never married.  I will see to it that it
    will never be "Hyphen" Sanders either.).  Princess Marie can be
    seen at the grocery store Checkout Stand on the cover of the
    women's magazine that is adjacent to the magazine with Princess
    Kate posing on the cover.  One thing I did notice though, is that Kate
    wears too much makeup and looks her age, while Marie wears
    "Airbrush" and looks a fantastic 25!  

    I also noticed that Princess Giada has been on the cover of many
    magazines, and is now a spokesmodel for hair-color products.  
    Nobody that I know is staring at her hair, and she should be selling
    bras, or even the style of going bra-less.  Now that would be
    cookin'.   Am I the only guy that actually looks at her food, or just
    women's magazines?  If guys were really into food, they would
    watch Julia (R.I.P) reruns, or Emeril.

    From the chicken platter,

    Gris E. Fingerprince
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