The Razor's Edge

    I am not sure what a Brazilian wax is; am I to assume that it rids
    women of "Greek" features?  I thought women discovered razors
    back in the 1990's and didn't need to wax anymore.  I just discovered
    shaving with women's razors in 2012, because they are on sale more
    often, and cheaper than men's.  They perform in women's sensitive
    areas better than I do (I always thought that that was the sound of an
    electric razor.).  Maybe I learned something here, with the use of a
    pink razor, for that smooth close shave that women look for in a man,
    and themselves.

    The only problem is, is that I now have the urge to where a bikini!  If
    you are getting a wax and a spray-on tan at the same time, then you
    must not be outside in a bikini very often.  So then I must ask,
    "Where in the heck are you going?"

    Is a Bra Zillion wax for hairy boobs?

    From the sly cat,

    Pantera Cor De Rosa
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