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comedy of a daily blog, I hope Machismo's Creed get the best book review.  I feel
that it is a Must Read and Read this style of book, as it is very thought provoking.  
that are funny. Internet Humor Blog. News and Music, with a mommy blog.  
Funny writer with comedy writing.  Author.  Not A Chive and Onion word Salad.  
Humor, Funny Humor, Satire, Blog, funny photos, pics, outdoor humor. Key West
pics and photos that face into a Book to be published. As a humorist or writer of
Humor, Funny Humor, Satire, Blog, funny photos, pics, outdoor humor. Key West
comedy of a daily blog, I hope  get the best book review.  I feel
Humor, Alaska Humor. All about perspective.

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12 Free Sample Stories from Machismo's Creed by Mark Sanders
I really mean, where to begin.  The
writing of
Machismo's Creed started
out as Emails to my friends, since
about 2003, while I was a lone and
lucky frequent traveler on a long
"sabbatical" of discovery.  Along the
way, I had the pleasure of meeting  
people from all walks of life and lifestyles.  Some
weren't even wearing clothes...on purpose!  I wish I had
taken more notes from my journeys, as I have lost quite
a few humorous moments from memory.  I usually have
a pen and paper on hand now, to jot down thoughts
quickly.  I am already excited to write about the future.

My range of humor includes, observational, slapstick,
puns, farcical, rants, irony, satire, hyperbole, and more
that I can think about at this time; how pensive.  
Somehow these may merge along the way to add
dimension to the writing, that may or may not be
noticed until the story is read again.  It even happens to
me.  Also the form-letter style of my stories add levels
from my opinionated personality.  Thank you for viewing.

With sincerity,

Mark Sanders
Copyright Mark Sanders 2016
Chapters Names & Short Story Free Samples from Machismo's Creed
22)  A Penny Made
E Pluribus Unemployment
All stories are in my opinion.
15)  Riled and Styled
On the Rag
You Must Workout
12)  News Be Told
Go Hug Yourself!
Where It Began
that I can conceive.  This comedy writing may take a
different sense of humor to enjoy, as I am sort of a
freelance writer, with a lance that pokes fun at a multitude
of topics.  A great Book for the Bathroom readers. Funny

How to be funny, is a difficult undertaking to explain, as
some people laugh, while others walk away in wonder; this
is especially true when attempting political humor.  A sense
of humor is different for people on so many levels, and I try
to reach everyone's personality with
Machismo's Creed; a
literary agent would be nice to reach too.

Thank You for Reading some of my sample satire and deep
humor short stories, and I hope I made you smile, at some
point.  Funny Website, Funniest Website

Mark Sanders
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