On the Rag

    I was washing and waxing my vehicle, because it needed a good
    douche from the months of sitting in the driveway (No garage
    available.), while I was away in Alaska.  I needed to find an old
    cloth to buff out some of the rough spots of  heavy buildup and road
    film.  I go inside the house, open the laundry room doors, and reach
    into a bag, only to pull out a thong!  Who puts a thong in the rag
    bag?  If something is that small and needs to look and smell clean,
    just sprinkle some medicated powder on it and call it a day.  If that
    was my thong, it should be in someone's trophy case, and not
    discarded amongst a bunch of Rags.

    What ever happened to the white uniform for nurses?  Did feminism
    kick it to the curb like a stewardess?  Now, it is solely used in the
    porn industry, while it is socially acceptable to wear scrubs
    anytime, anywhere, as if they were yoga pants.  One thing that is for
    certain though, is that no librarian has ever looked like that last table
    dancer, and I have never seen a housekeeper that was from France.  
    It makes me wonder what Nuns are wearing these days, and perhaps
    one of them is missing a thong.

    In annoyance,

    A Man of the Cloth
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